Zion Hill Baptist Church had its beginnings in the early 1900’s.  The families of Brother Sandy Jones, Brother John H. Oxendine, Brother Coy Locklear, Brother Less Locklear, and Brother Zimmie R. Chavis met together to organize the church, which was constituted in 1919 with the assistance of deacons from Bethel Hill Baptist Church and Bear Swamp Baptist Church.


From 1919-1923 the members met in an old house outside a short distance from Rennert, NC.  In 1923 they moved into the old school building for Indians located in Rennert and remained there until 1928 when they built their first church facility.


The church joined the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association under the encouragement of Rev. Z.R. Chavis, a prominent preacher and Holy man.  Pastors who have led this congregation include:


            Rev. Z. R. Chavis                   1928-1933

            Rev. Ander Wilkins                1934-1944

            Rev. J.E. Hammonds              1945-1961

            Rev. H.H. Chavis                    1962

            Rev. Chesley Hammonds       1963

            Rev. James D. Dial                 1964-1965

            Rev. Vestor Oxendine                        1966-1969

            Rev. Jay Hammonds               1970-1974

            Rev. Ted Brooks

            Rev. Steve Brewer

            Rev. Chester Chavis

            Rev. Jerry Thompson



Zion Hill Baptist Church

100 Church St.

Shannon, NC 28386

Rev. Nick McNeill

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am 

Phone: 910-843-2560