In the early 1960's, Burnt Swamp Association along with the State Baptist Convention of North Carolina saw a need in the western part of Lumberton for an Indian Baptist Mission.  In August of 1961 the doors of the West End Mission opened for Sunday School.  Reedy Branch Baptist Church in Fairmont sponsored this Mission and their pastor, Rev. C. W. Maynor, and Burnt Swamp Association leaders helped in the selection of a pastor and leaders.  One of those selected was Brother Grady Locklear.


The Mission started meeting in a novelty gift shop owned by Mr. Hubert Oxendine located beside I-95.  Some of the first members were: Grady Locklear and his family, Eddie and Viola Stewart and their children, Mary C. Hunt, W. H. Holmes, Gladys Locklear and her children, Rev. Dawley Maynor, Earl Hunt and others.


The first superintendent was Grady Locklear.  Earl Hunt served as secretary.  W. H. Holmes served as treasurer.


Inclement weather sometimes kept mission members from meeting in the rented site.  The rain would flood the building and water would stand several inches inside.  Because of this problem and the steady growth of the mission, West End Mission decided to purchase three acres of land in West Lumberton.  A Mr. King in Lumberton sold land to the Burnt Swamp Association and Robeson Baptist Association to build a church with the understanding that if the Mission did not become a Church, that it would be sold back to Mr. King. 


At this time, Rev. Welton Lowry had become the pastor of the Mission.  With the site for a new church facility selected, a group of mission members went to Sea Grove, NC to view an existing church structure possibly as a model.  Rev. C.S. Worriax, Mission Chairman with the association assisted in formulating plans for a new structure.  In the early 1970's a structure was erected on the three-acre site and served as sanctuary and educational facility.  During construction the congregation met in the community building of the Tudor Court Housing Project.  The relocation of the congregation within the community was intended to serve and revitalize the interest and attendance of the members.  Local community leadership and several church craftsmen helped in the project. The educational building, which was to house the classrooms, cost approximately $20,000 to construct, which included materials and labor. 


West End Mission became West End Baptist Church in the year of 1974.  The pastor was Rev. Welton Lowry.  The deacons were Welbert Hunt (chairman), Willie Jones, and James Williamson.


The property, held in trust by the association, was deeded to West End Baptist Church.  The Church immediately began plans for construction of a sanctuary and hired Mr. Henry Dial of Red Springs as contractor.  The sanctuary cost about $125,000.00 including labor and the materials.  In the 1986 church letter, West End indicated a church membership of 114 and Sunday School enrollment of 122.  In 1986 the fellowship hall was added with the help of several craftsmen from many churches.


Other dates and significant events recorded in the life of the church:


-Summer of 1967, Brother Tony Brewington worked the Vacation Bible School for the Mission.  Several teachers were brought from Harper's Ferry, Berea, Mount Olive and Reedy Branch Churches.


            -December 7, 1975, the note was burned on the classroom part of the church.


            -January 1976, James M. Hunt and Edward Sampson were ordained as Deacons.


            -August 8, 1976, plans for borrowing money for building the church auditorium.                Building committee was James M. Hunt, James F. Hunt, Robert C. Clark,                 Welbert Hunt, and Edward Sampson.


            -April 23, 1977, the meeting was scheduled and committee met with contractor                 Henry Dial from Red Springs, NC.


            -April 27, 1977, Trustees authorized church to borrow money to build church.                    Trustees were James F. Hunt, James M. Hunt, and Gladys Locklear signed                        Deed of Trust to Robeson Savings and Loan.


            -December 4, 1977, Church was dedicated with a host of visitors.  Rev. Welton                 Lowry brought the message.


-During the period of 1975 to 1985, 94 people joined the church by Letter and Confessions.



Rev. Dawley Maynor was pastor for West End Mission from 1960-1962.  Rev. Maynor's wife was named Jessie, a schoolteacher in Pembroke.


Rev. Welton Lowry was pastor for West End Mission and West End Baptist Church from 1962-1993.  His wife's name was Mary, a public school librarian.  Rev. Lowry was a retired Public School Teacher.  He was a full-time pastor.  Rev. Lowry retired from pastoral ministry as West End.


Rev. Jimmy Locklear was pastor for West End Baptist Church from 1993-1996.

His wife's name is Mamie.  Rev. Locklear was a construction worker and the owner of his own company.  He was a full-time pastor.  Rev. Locklear was ordained at Zion Hill Baptist Church on April 13, 1994.


Rev. Ricky Locklear is the current pastor of West End Baptist Church, 1997-Present.  His wife's name is Jeri.  Rev. Locklear is a construction worker and a full time pastor.  He was ordained at West End Baptist Church, August 10, 1997.



            Wilbert Hunt, Chairman

            Willie Jones  (deceased)

            James Williamson  (deceased)

            James M. Hunt  (deceased)

            Edward Sampson

            John B. Locklear

            Bernice Locklear

            Johnny Sampson

            Henry Herman Allen  (deceased)


West End Baptist Church

504 West Dr.

Lumberton, NC 28359

Rev. Sterling Chavis

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am 

Phone: 910-739-9901