Union Light Baptist Church, located a short distance off highway 130 south of Maxton, NG was founded in 1928.   The first pastor was Rev. Z.R. Chavis, who also gave the church its name.  The first two acres of land for the church was purchased in 1930.  The first building was built and the first service was held in 1931. 


The second pastor was Rev. June Sampson.  Other pastors who have served are in the following sequence: Revs. B.R. Jacobs,  Barto Locklear,  Purcell Locklear,  James (Jimmy B.) Dial, Elias Rogers, and James Rogers.   Rev. Rogers served from 1970 to 1973 and was followed by Rev. Grady Hunt from 1973-1980. The tenth pastor of the church was Rev. Romey Revels who has served from 1980 to the present.


Deacons of the church have included: 

David Smiling, Lucas Epps, and Henry Goins, Willie Smiling, James Smiling, Leon Smiling, Mathew Epps, Philip Epps, Lonnie Smiling, Neal Goins, Clyde Epps, Zeak Chavis, and Billy Rya Oxendine.  Chairman of deacons were as follows:  David Smiling, Willie Smiling, James Smiling, Leon Smiling, and Clyde Epps. 

Sunday School directors were as follows: 

Willie Smiling, James Smiling, Leon Smiling, Lonnie Smiling, Vernell Smiling, Clyde Epps, Edward Epps, Clyde Jones, William Smiling, and Lucas P. Epps.


When services began, preaching was conducted twice a month.  We began full time pastoring up until the present.  Present services include Sunday worship service and weekly prayer meetings held on Wednesday nights.


Union Light began having service in out present sanctuary in 1952.  The fellowship hall was constructed in 1979.


Union Light Baptist Church

259 Union Light Church Rd.

Maxton, NC 28364

Rev. Romey Revels

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am 

Phone: 910-844-3249