In the year of 1964 Mr. Ed Brewer started Turnpike Mission in a small house located on Turnpike Road, Wagram.  At that time, approximately fifteen people participated in Sunday School and Worship Services.  Without a pastor, they gathered on Sundays for songs, reading of God’s word, and testimonial praises to Him.


Services continued in that location for approximately two years when, in 1966,  David Jackson and James Locklear started holding services in a house located on Turnpike Road, but across the Hoke county line.  Additional members had joined.  Two classes were established, an adult class taught by Brother David Jackson and a youth class taught by Sister Ruth Locklear.  The roll had expanded to approx. 20 or 25.  The church continued for six 6 years in this location without a pastor.


In the year of 1972, Rev. Mike Norton, from Laurinburg, NC held a tent revival on land where Turnpike now stands.  At the end of that meeting, he offered Turnpike the tent for as long as they needed it.  Soon, afterward, Rev. Norton passed away and the tent was given to Turnpike.  In 1973, Rev. Jackson from Turnpike approached Rev. Reo Jones about preaching the Word for Turnpike. (Shortly afterward, Rev. Jackson was killed in an automobile accident).  After discussing the calling to the new church with his wife, Rev. Jones decided to help.   He and his family would drive from Lumberton to Wagram, NC each Sunday.  It didn’t matter how cold or hot or how many were present, services continued in the tent for about a year until the tent became structurally damaged by fire.  It was then that Turnpike moved into a cinderblock building a short distance from the tent.


Services were held in this building for approximately three years. There was little change with services continuing in the heat of the summer and cold of the winter.  With no heater,  the building was very drafty and cold and no bathroom were available, but the services were held with thirty to thirty-five people attending.   A problem developed with the electricity and the building was unfit for repair.  At that time, two members, Bros. Herb Deese and David Jackson became trustees and decided to buy some land and build a much-needed facility.


Turnpike made arrangements to buy land upon which the original tent pitched. Soon thereafter, they started building.  A church in the association, Beulah Baptist, pastored by Rev. Manford Locklear agreed to become Turnpike’s “Mother Church”.

Rev. Locklear began seeking assistance from other churches in the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association.  His efforts were successful.  Also, the Turnpike congregation started having plate sales, cake sales, and other fundraising events to raise funds for a new facility.  After years of waiting and “wandering in the wilderness” , Turnpike was built and started having services in the new facility with approximately forth members.  These services continued with Bro. Reo ministering for nine years, until 1982 when illness demanded his resigning.


In 1982 Rev. Larry Locklear became the pastor for Turnpike.  He continued with Turnpike for three years.  In 1985, Rev. Earl Henderson became pastor.  Rev. Earl continued until 1994. The church began to grow and show interest reaching out to the lost in the community.  In 1994, Rev. Stoney Locklear was called as pastor to Turnpike.  He accepted and is still presently preaching the Word to Turnpike.  Since his coming, the church has really grown and is currently building a new sanctuary. 


God is still truly blessing Turnpike.  The church has grown now to an average attendance of 140 people, with 60 being members.  Expectations are to be in the new sanctuary by  the end of September 1999.




Turnpike Baptist Church

31000 Hill Creek Rd.

Wagram, Nc 28396

Rev. Jack Maynor

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-281-3304