In early 1955, a young man and his wife had a vision for the small community of Thompson Farm.  Seeing the need for a church in the community, Rudolph Dial and his wife, Mable, approached Deep Branch Baptist Church with the idea of starting a mission church.   Permission was given to start the mission after some thought by Deep Branch leaders.  Plans were made by Mr. Dial along with other charter members to seek a suitable place to hold nightly meetings.  After discussing their interest with Thompson Farm Community’s largest landowner and namesake George Thompson, use of a small abandoned schoolhouse was obtained.  The first meeting was held in a small one-room building with a wood-burning stove for heat.  An outhouse was located to the rear.  The facility was located on land about one and one-half miles east of Interstate 95.   After many years of spiritual and membership growth, the mission was organized into a constituted church in the summer of 1965.


The organizers were Bro. Rudolph Dial, Bro. Hodrick Dial, and Bro. Layman Cummings.  Approximately 30 members were present on the day of organizing.  The three men named above were appointed as the deacons of the church with Bro. Rudolph elected as chairman.  The Rev. Douglass Mitchell was voted as the first pastor.  Other officers were Sis. Mable S. Dial as treasurer and Sis. Mary Lois Clark as the secretary.  The church continued to grow and prosper to the point that the small schoolhouse became too small to hold the congregation.  At that point, plans were made to begin building a new sanctuary.  Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Thompson of Lumberton, N.C. donated four acres of land on the Thompson Road.  After the land was cleared, in 1966 Bro. Rudolph Dial knelt at each of the four corners of the lot and prayed that the church site would provide a soul-winning church for the Lord.


In 1967, construction was begun on the new building with funds provided by the members and various fund-raising events.  The initial cost of the project was approximately $50,000 covering the cost of the building and the furnishings.  Mr. Archie Baker and Bro. Wilbert Sampson handled the initial phase of construction.  Various members of the church assisted them until it was completed in 1971.  The first service was held in the new facility in November of that year.  The latest addition was completed in 1990 when a fellowship hall was constructed.


There have been five full-time Pastors over the years at Thompson.  Their names along with their wives and dates of service are:


                        Rev. Douglass Mitchell (Fannie) 1955-1967

                        Rev. Nash Locklear (Pearline) 1967-1979

                        Rev. Bruce Swett (Peggy) 1979-1981

                        Rev. Wilton Cummings (Patty) 1981-1985

                        Rev. Sanford Locklear (Margaret) 1985-Present


There have been six Deacons over the years.  Their names and dates of service are:

                        Bro. Rudolph Dial (Chairman)  1965-Present

                        Bro. Hodrick Dial:  1965-1982

                        Bro. Laymon Cummings:  1965-1988

                        Bro. Marvin Sampson  1975-1992

                        Bro. Harvey Dial:  1983-Present

                        Bro. Danny Clark:  1998-Present


There have been only two Sunday School Directors over the years.  Their names and dates of service are:

                        Bro. Hodrick Dial:  1955-1968

                        Bro. Gary Sampson:  1968-Present

There have been only two treasurers and secretaries.  The same two people have served in those two roles.  Their names and dates of service are:

                        Sis. Mable S. Dial (Secretary)  1955-1967,  (Treasurer)  1955-1975

                        Sis. Mary Lois Clark (Secretary)  1967-Present (Treasurer)  1975-Present


Listed among its accomplishments, are the ordinations of one minister and one deacon.  Bro. Henry Hammonds was ordained as a minister and went on to a successful radio ministry before his death in 1993.  Bro. Danny Clark was ordained in 1998 as the third active deacon at Thompson.


The church has prospered in many ways over the 34 years of its existence.  Many souls have been blessed.  The church has enjoyed strong leadership and God-anointed preachers who have led its flock.  Today, it’s membership and fellowship continues to grow.  With God’s guidance it is hoped that it will continue to be a shining a beacon to the world, winning souls to God and showing what a wonderful and loving Savior He is.

Thompson Baptist Church

239 Thompson Road

Lumberton, NC 28358

Rev. Sanford Locklear

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-521-9761