The origin of Ten mile Center Church is an outgrowth of the former Magnolia Church, which was, located about two miles south of where Ten Mile currently stands.  Magnolia was also one of three churches that met in 1881 to organize the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association.


According to the Burnt Swamp Association minutes, an association meeting was held at the old Magnolia Church in 1882.  Cary Wilkins served as moderator, J.S. Wilkins, clerk, and J.W. Blanks, preacher.  After the Magnolia Church burned, an interested group began meeting at Magnolia School (a two-room building).  Records indicate that Seymour Bell, Llyod Lowry, Thad Hammonds, Will Collins, and G.L. Canady Sr. helped organize a Sunday School and choir.


The group soon felt the need for a new church building.  Plans were made to build on the east side of 301 adjacent to Ten Mile Swamp.  Land was obtained from H. Canady.  The following men laid the foundation for the church:  Lloyd Lowry, Godwin Hunt, Whatley Locklear, Grady Canady, and Evander Chavis.  Nasbie Harding cut the sills.  Most of the work done on this building was donated labor.


Ten Mile Center Church was organized in 1924.  The first trustees were included   Richard Harding, Grady Canady, and W.W. Blanks.  Rev. Alvie Taylor, who preached for the group at Magnolia School, was elected as the first pastor.  Hector Blanks was the first-elected clerk.


In the church minutes for 1945, frequent references are made to the building committee, church repairs and painting.  On January 18, 1947, the building committee presented plans for adding classrooms to the church and the church agreed to add classrooms.  In December 1954, a new church facility was discussed.  However, the group decided to wait.  Sometime later, a proposal was made to investigate the possibility of Ten Mile Center Church and Mt. Moriah Church securing a site agreed upon by both for the purpose of building a new church.  When Ten Mile realized this plan would not materialize, a new building interest and urgency developed within the group.  After much discussion, search, prayer, and waiting upon the Lord, the church voted to purchase a site from the following persons:  Mrs. Jenny Blanks and family, Mr. and Mrs. Prentice Blanks and family, and Mr. Harvey Canady.  The building committee was authorized to proceed with the building program.


In December of 1967, the church was under construction when one of the beloved members died.  With much improvising, the first service held in the new church was the funeral of Mrs. Sara Margaret Hammonds.  Since Mrs. Hammonds had served on the building committee for many years and had expressed hopes that the church would be completed in time for her funereal, the group felt it fitting to carry our her wishes.


Pastors who have served both the Magnolia include the following:

F. Prevatte, JW Blanks, William Sampson, E.D. Hunt, John C. Clark, Z.R. Chavis, A.T. Taylor and T.H. Hammonds.


Pastors of Ten Mile Center include:

A.T. Taylor, R.B. Jacobs, J.E. Hunt, L.W. Jacobs, W.G. Hunt, C.E. Locklear, Lindberg Martin, Jack Lyles, Welton Lowery, Winford Locklear, Coolidge Cummings, David Brewington, Llyod Pendergraph, Chesley Hammonds, James Dial, Jimmy Strickland, Charles W. Maynor, Leonard Gibbs and the current pastor, Earney Hammonds.


The following have served as deacons: 

Richard Hardin, Grady Canady, W.W. Blanks, Carlee Revels, Pete Locklear, Seymour Bell, Hallmon Canady, Quinnie Hunt, Evander Chavis, Frank Epps, Robert Jones, Daniel Strickland, Wesley Revels, Anthony Blanks, James Franklin Lowry.


The following have served as church clerks from 1923 to present: 

Hector Blanks, J.J. Bell, N.D. Hardin, Purcell Revels, Carlee Revels, Ruthie Bell, Josephine Burnette, Eunice Hammonds, Lela C. Hunt, Cherry Strickland, Sharon Revels, Wesley Revels, Glenda Revels and Loleta O. Blanks.


Those who served as treasurers are as follows: 

Richard Hardin, J.W. Bell, N.D. Hardin, W.W. Blanks, Raymond Canady, Grady Canady, Jim Burnette, Evander Chavis, Hallmon Canady, Marginoria Revels, and Joyce Lowery.

Ten Mile Center Baptist Church

11936 US 301 Hwy N

Lumberton, NC 28358

Rev. Earney Hammonds

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-671-6693