In 1966 a group of Baptists met to organize the South Hoke
Baptist Church at 3734 Old Maxton Road, Red Springs.  Among the organizers were former members of
Mt. Elim Baptist Church in Hoke County who felt a need to establish a Baptist
ministry in the “Hawkeye” or South Hoke Community.  The Hoke County School system had constructed
a facility to provide educational opportunities for Native Americans several
years prior which contributed to advancement in the Hoke Indian population.  

 The South Hoke Elementary School (originally called
“Hawkeye) became central to Native Americans in Hoke County, which had been
provided in earlier years through the Jacob’s Point and Antioch schools near
Mt. Elim Baptist Church.  Educators,
primarily from Robeson County, provided much needed instruction in the
“subscription” schools and the Hawkeye school to Indians who were not allowed
into the White schools.  It wasn’t until
the latter part of the 1900’s that Indians were integrated into formerly “White
Only” schools through the passing of integration laws in North Carolina.


With growth in the South Hoke community and business
enterprises led by Hoke native James Abert Hunt,  the need also for a church in the
community  became evident.   Mr. Charley Oxendine, deacon at Mt. Elim
Baptist Church, moved his membership, along with his family and others, to
establish the much needed church.


The church labored hard but bravely in difficult times to
support the spiritual needs through the years. 
Several ministers were called including Rev. Isaiah Locklear, Purcell
Locklear, Vestor Oxendine and Horace Strickland among others.  In 1989 a young minister licensed by the
Pleasant View Baptist Church in Robeson was called and ordained to pastor South
Hoke.  Rev. Tony Hunt assumed his
position with dignity and determination to provide a wholesome, God-centered
full-time ministry.  He moved his family
into the community and became a active participant in the county’s affairs,
leading eventually into becoming elected to the county’s board of
commissioners.  Other members also
provided great insight and vision in expanding ministry of the church through
the years, giving South Hoke a vital position in religious and civic affairs of
the county.


In the 1999 association Minutes, the church is listed as
having one hundred two members and one hundred fifty-three enrolled in Sunday
School.  The church receipts for the year
was $75,113.00. 


Officers of the church were listed as follows:


            Chairman of
Deacons               Neil Oxendine

School Director            Earl C.

            Treasurer                                  Evon Oxendine

Clerk                            Timothy
J. Clark

South Hoke Baptist Church

4205 Old Maxton Rd.

Red Springs, NC 28377

Rev. Hubbard Lowery

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-875-5524