Sandhills Community Baptist Church was organized in the summer of 1977 as a result of a division at another church, Lowery’s Chapel.  Work on a facility began in the fall of that year.  The foundation was poured, blocks were laid, and lumber was purchased.  During construction, members met in homes of the founders. Charter members were:  Bobby Lowery, Wayne McMillan, Alvin Jacobs, Lennon Ransom and Chalmers Kerns.  After a few meetings, an old house located near Aberdeen on highway 211 (West of Raeford) was used for Sunday worship until the church was complete.


Five acres of land was purchased from Tom Cameron in July 1977 for $5,000.  The land is located 3 miles southeast of Wagram, NC. Floor joists and ceiling joists for the new facility came from two torn-down houses and a corn barn  The original building consisted of 2 rest rooms,  pastor study, and sanctuary.  A fellowship hall, 70*30, was added in 1987.  In 1990, part of the fellowship hall was converted into four classrooms.  In 1996, one of the classrooms was converted to 2 additional rest rooms.


Following is a list of all church personnel since the foundation of the church.


Pastor Name                          Wife                            Status

Rev. Chalmers Kerns              Shirley                         Full-Time 1977-81

Rev. Elias Rogers                    Levonnie                     Part-Time 1981-82

Rev. Jimmy Hunt                    Rose                            Full-Time 1982-83

Rev. Grady Hunt                    None                           Full-Time 1983-86

Rev. Tommy Hagans              Vera B.                        Full-Time 1986-90

Rev. David Locklear               Sue                              Part-Time 1989-92

Rev. Hulin Chavis                   Barbara                        Full-Time 1991-95

Rev. Larry Chavis                   Linda                           Full-Time 1995-99


Sunday School Directors                  Time Served

Wayne McMillan                                1977-86

Alvin Jacobs                                        1986-87

Billy Dean Locklear                            1987-97

Herman Cummigs                               1997-98

Billy Dean Locklear                            1998-99


Church Clerk                                                Time Served

Bobby Lowery                                                1977-82

Huell Maynor                                      1982-99


Church Treasury                              Time Served

Lennon Ransom                                  1977-83

Bobby Lowery                                                1977-83

Huell Maynor                                      1983-85

Wayne McMillan                                1985-87

Joe Tyler                                              1985-87

Linda Revels                                       1987-99


Church Deacons

Wayne McMillan

Lennon Ransom

Billy Dean Locklear



Jesse Jones

Veronica King

Sarah R. Maynor


In 1982 the church adopted by-laws for the governing of the church.  The by-laws have been amended twice, by approval of the church, since origination


Sandhills Community Baptist Church

575 McPhatter Road

Red Springs, NC 27377

Rev. Earl Deese

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-521-6914