In the early 1900’s a small group of Indians
gathered under a tent on Sundays to worship. 
Many walked several miles through open fields and wooded trails and
gathered with friends beneath this open-air shade to hear the pastor, Rev. Jim
Blanks exhort the Word of God.  Among
those early pilgrims were the Hunt families of John, Larse, and Oliver.  Under the pastor and these three deacons,
Pleasant View Baptist Church was organized in 1904.

Soon afterward a one-room building of rough material
was erected to provide more permanent shelter for the congregation on a
one-acre tract given by Mrs. Vela Pittman. 
Later, another building of finer material was constructed.  Steadily the congregation grew in number
making the small structure inadequate for their needs.  Finally, during the years of 1953 and 1954 a
large block building with a sanctuary and about six classrooms was
completed.  Twenty years later a Fellowship
Hall was completed and equipped with modern kitchen appliances and furnished
also for classroom usage.  Pleasant View
was one of the first association churches to develop the children's worship
hour with the Fellow Hall serving as a sanctuary.  In the early 1960's, 41/2 acres were added to
the church’s original tract providing improved parking and cemetery
development.  In 1977, Pleasant View
contracted an extensive remodeling of their facilities.


Pastors at Pleasant View have included the
following:  Rev. J.C. Clark, Rev. Jim
Blanks, Rev. Z.R. Chavis, Rev. R.B. Jacobs, Rev. Percell Locklear, Rev. Henry
Tadlock, Rev. Chelsey Maynor, Rev. Isaiah Locklear, Rev. Buddy B. Jacobs, Rev.
Vester Oxendine who served part time from 1959-1969 at which time he became
full-time minister.  Rev. King Maynor was
called as full-time pastor in 1979-1986. 
Rev. Prather Sampson was called as full-time pastor in 1987 and serves
at the writing of this history


Among the oldest living members are Nora Bell
Freeman, Pearlie Mae Hunt, Elbert Oxendine, Dock Hunt, and Docie Lee
Oxendine.  The present deacons are:  Vinson Hunt-chairman, Stephen Hunt, Joseph
Freeman, and J.C. Chavis.


Pleasant View is located about one mile southwest of
Fairmont just off highway 130 on a dead end road.  There are approximately 350 members with 284
enrolled in Sunday School.  Pleasant View
Church has been the spark of two other churches in the Fairmont Community,
Cedar Grove and Fair Point.  Her ministry
continues to advance as a light in dark times. 
Since 1979 a new efficient heating and air conditioning systems was installed
as well as new carpet throughout.  Four
new classrooms were added to the existing Fellowship Hall in 1983


During the last ten years the church has advanced in
many areas including land purchases; new heating system; additional building
(twelve classrooms added during 1996 at a cost of  $185,785); a new P.A. system; a baby grand
piano; new furniture for the classrooms; new office and program equipment; and
a landscape enhancement.  A road was
added in the graveyard and several motion lights on the outside.  The choir loft was enlarged to make room for
the continuing growth of choir members.  
A nursery is provided for Sunday School.



1953-54 C.W. Oxendine

1954-56 Carson O. Freeman

1957-58 James O. Oxendine

1959-62 Telford Hunt

1963-64 Maurice Locklear

1964-66 J.O. Oxendine

1969-80 Odell Hunt

1980-85 Glenn Oxendine

1992-94 Glenn Oxendine

1994-99 Frankie Hunt



1962-63 Carson Freeman

1962-63 James O. Oxendine

1963-64 Telford Hunt

1965-66 Telford Hunt

Ronald Freeman

1997-98 Pee Wee Hunt

1998-99 Jeff Hunt



Anthony Derek Hunt

Jimmy Hunt

Mitchell Locklear

Marshall Locklear



F.M.. Jacobs-1975-1991 and Jr. Deacon from 1972-1975

Billy Hammonds-1989-95

James O. (5 cent) Oxendine-early 60's

C.W. Oxendine-early 50's

Elbert Oxendine-early 60's

Carson Freeman-early 60's

Jim Oxendine

Telford Hunt-early 70's

Willie Hunt-early 50's and 60's

Dock Hunt-early 50's and 60's

Marshall Locklear-early 70's

Vinson Hunt, Current

Stephen Hunt, Current

Joseph Freeman, Current

J. C. Chavis, Current



1954-64 C.W. Oxendine

1962-65 Telford Hunt

1965-66 Purcell Hunt,Jr.

1966-67,69 Carlie Oxendine

1979-82 Vardell Hunt, Jr.

1982-86 Terry McGirt

1979-85 Joseph Freeman

1986-92 Billy Hammonds

1992-99 Joseph Freeman

1970-78 Caraway Oxendine

1978      Dick
Tracy Hunt

Pleasant View Baptist Church

33 Pleasant View Rd.

Fairmont, NC 28340

Rev. Ricky Burnette

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-628-6490