Earliest records of Piney Grove Baptist Church
indicate a lot was purchased for a proposed church facility from Catherine Hill
on August 27, 1891 for the sum of ten dollars. 
Brother Stephen Hunt, deacon of the church, was recognized as
instrumental in this land purchase.  Rev.
Carey Wilkins is recorded as the first pastor. 
The first name given to the church was Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.  On the fourth day of March 1947, church
brothers Budd L. Hunt, W.O. Hammonds and Bro. Fred Hunt signed a deed with the
name of the church being officially changed to Piney Grove.


A prominent Native American church in the “Black
Ankle” community southwest of the Town of Fairmont, NC, Piney Grove has grown
from a small church in size to one of the larger churches in that
community.  Its membership has included
several county leaders and educators whose abilities have played important
roles in the life of the community and church.


Over the years many additions have been made to
improve the church building.  A new
fellowship hall was started and completed in 1973.  Supervised by the Pastor Roy W. Maynor, this
building was completed and included 5 classrooms, 2 rest rooms, and a kitchen
with a large serving area.  The graveyard
located across from the church was also enlarged by approximately 4 acres in


In 1997, Piney Grove sponsored a sister church
called Freedom Baptist located on the Wire Grass road in Lumberton.  With assistance from Piney Grove and the
Burnt Swamp Association, the new church began with approximately 26 members and
has grown to approximately 75 members. 
The church began in two mobile homes, but now has a beautiful and
spacious facility completed at 4020 West McDuffie Crossing Road in Lumberton,
NC.  The pastor is Bro. David
Locklear.  Freedom became a constituted
church in May 1998.


Pastors of Piney Grove


Rev. Cary Wilkins

Rev. Ed Hunt

Rev. L. B. Jacobs

Rev. Steve Hammonds

Rev. W. J. Sampson

Rev. C E. Locklear

Rev. J.E. Hunt

Rev. Lawrence W. Maynor

Rev. Kelly Sanderson

Rev. Ray Brooks

Rev. Billy Burns

Rev. Crafton Chavis


Sunday School Directors

Bro. Redin Hunt

Bro. S. M. Oxendine

Bro. Budd Hunt

Bro. Ellis Jones

Bro. J. W. Hunt

Bro. Don Hunt

Bro. Hilton Oxendine Jr.



Bro. Ozro Hammonds

Bro. Kelmer Hunt

Bro. R.D. Hunt

Bro. McMurry Hunt

Bro. Ellis Jones



Bro. Ozro Hammonds

Bro. James Sanford Hunt

Piney Grove Baptist Church

427 Gaddy Rd.

Fairmont, NC 28340

Rev. Howard Jones

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-628-9749