Oak Grove Baptist Church is located in southwestern Robeson County near the South Carolina line.  Its early life began near and in conjunction with the Oak Grove Elementary School of Robeson County.  The church was organized in 1886 through the influence of Rev. Jordon Chavis.


For many years the church struggled to survive its lack of male members to take the lead in its outreach and growth.  It was the sacrifice and dedication of the female members who must be credited with the church’s existence through those years.


However, the church has been blessed with some of the very best in pastoral leadership.  Those ministers who served this church through the years include:


1886-1896              Rev. Jordon Chavis

1896-1906              Rev. Gilbert Locklear

1906-1917              Rev. J.E. Hunt

1917-1918              Rev. D.P. Locklear

1918-1922              Rev. J.J. Bell

1922-1924              Rev. R.B. Jacobs

1924-1926              Rev. Steve Hammonds

1926-1934              Rev. C.E. Locklear

1934-1937              Rev. D.D. Locklear

1937-1940              Rev. J.E. Hammonds

1940-1948              Rev. L.W. Jacobs

1948-1954              Rev. Dawley Maynor

1954-1955              Rev. Welton Lowery

1955-1956              Rev. Dawley Maynor

1956-                              Rev. R.W. Maynor

Rev. Donald Bullard

Current            Rev. James E. Henderson


Oak Grove Baptist Church

6341 Oak Grove School Rd.

Maxton, NC 28364

Rev. James Henderson

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-844-3758