In the early 1940’s services were being held in the Buckhead community of eastern North Carolina among the Waccamaw-Siouan Native Americans.  In 1942 charter members met with a delegation of ministers to organize a church originally named St. Mark but changed to New Hope Baptist Church.  In 1945 the church was admitted into the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association with Rev. C.E. Locklear serving as part-time pastor.  During early years, other preachers at the church included Rev. June Sampson, Rev. Bunion Sampson and other un-named ministers.  The first elected deacons were Brothers W.J. Freeman, James Jacobs, Robert Jacobs, Manley Jacobs, and Ossie Jacobs.


In 1945 the church also organized a Training Union with the help of association leaders including Miss Anna Mae Locklear, Ms. Mary Livermore, and Rev. Welton Lowery.  A new building was started in late 1945 in Bladen County, which was across the road from the old church site located in Columbus County.  The new facility was completed on May 1, 1947 and dedicated in November of that same year.  Building committee members included Ossie Jacobs, Lofton Jacobs, Manley Jacobs, Morris Jacobs, Hezzie Patrick and others. 


In 1954 Rev. Chestley Hammonds was called as pastor and served one year.  Rev. C.E. Locklear returned in 1955.  During that year several new classrooms were added.  In 1958 Rev. Locklear was voted in as a full-time pastor and remained until his resignation due to ill health.  The church called Rev. Don Carter who, as current pastor, has led the church into the new millenium. Extensive additions and remodeling to the church has given it a distinction as one of the finest among Native American churches today.  Its growth has demanded continuous review and vision to provide for a progressive ministry.


New Hope Baptist Church

7857 Old Lake Road

Bolton, NC 28423

Rev. Donald Carter

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-655-8761