a.k.a.  Lowery’s Chapel


In writing the history of New Beginning Baptist Church, one must include the history of the former Lowery’s Chapel Baptist Church.  Lowery’s Chapel was built as a family church in 1954.  Founders of the church are considered Ms. Joan Woods Locklear and Colbert Lowery.  Ms. Locklear gave the land and Mr. Lowery and the community built the church.


Built in the West Hoke community, the first meeting took place under tents in Ms. Locklear’s yard  and was conducted by Mr. Thalmadge Lowery, Rev. Gold Carter and other ministers.  Several family members were charter members of the newly organized church.  These included Mr. Roscoe Lowery, Ms. Joan W. Locklear, Ms. Angus Lowery,  Ms. Mary Ann Locklear, Ms. Nancy C. Locklear, Mr. Person Locklear, Ms. Carrie Locklear, Mr. Roy Locklear, Mr. Hester Locklear, Vardell Clark and others.  The church called Rev. Purcell Locklear from Robeson County as the first pastor.  Through the next several years, the small group struggled to carry the gospel to the lost in the community.  Seeking membership in the Burnt Swamp Association, the church was received and provided many helpful services.  Difficulties developed in the 1980’s as church members became disenchanted with the fact that the church property was deeded to the Lowery family.  After some disagreement and assistance from the association staff, the Lowery Family agreed to transfer the property to the Burnt Swamp Association, which later deeded the property to the church congregation.  The reorganization and renaming of the new church, New Beginning,

 took place in 1984.


The church facility has had a series of upgrading through the years.  In 1959 a fellowship hall was constructed near the main facility and remodeled in 1998-99.  In 1998, one and one-half acres was purchased adjacent to the existing property for $1,000.  Additional classrooms were also added in 1989. 


Pastors:   Rev. Purcell Locklear; Rev. Glassie Locklear; Rev. Joe Lowery; Rev. Wade Locklear; Rev. Larry Locklear; Mr. Kenneth Revels; Rev. John T. Henderson and Rev. James L. Locklear.


Superintendents:  Mr. Roscoe Lowery; Mr. Kenneth Oxendine; Mr. Joseph Locklear; Mr. Kenneth Oxendine; Mr. Joseph Locklear; Mr. Kenneth Oxendine.


Clerks:  Ms. Nancy C. Locklear; Ms. Brenda Lowery; Ms. Leanse Locklear; Ms. Marie Lowery.


Treasurers:  Sara M. Brewer; Mr. Roscoe Lowery, Mr. Joe Tyler; Ms. Brenda Lowery; Ms. Helen Lowery, Mr. Eugene Lowery, Ms. Shirley Locklear


Deacons:  Roy Locklear, Mr. Roscoe Lowery, Mr. Vardell Clark.


Ordained Ministers:  Rev. Purcell Locklear, Rev. Glassie Locklear, Rev. Larry Locklear, Rev> Wade Lockelar, Rev. Kenneth Revels, Rev. John T. Henderson and Rev. James L. Locklear.



New Beginning Baptist Church

2909 Fulford  McMillan Rd.

Raeford, NC 28376

Rev. Israel Branch

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-904-0377