Mt. Moriah Baptist Church was organized in 1892. G.H. and M.I. Lewis transferred one acre of land to the trustees of Mt. Moriah and it’s successors on March 18, 1903 for the sum of one dollar.  The first wooden one-room building was located on what is now Mt. Moriah Church Road approximately one -half mile from it’s present location on highway 301 North, Lumberton, NC.


Burnt Swamp Baptist Association records reveal that Mr. Moriah participated in the 1901 annual meeting.  Members attending the association meeting were James K. Chavis, S.B. Carter, and Daniel Godwin.  The second day of the meeting was held at Mt. Moriah.   Members of the church attending were E.F. Worick, W.A. Hammonds and Daniel Godwin.  Those early years Bros. W.A. Hammonds served Mt. Moriah as superintendent.  J.H. Hammonds served as Bible teacher and Rev. E.D. Hunt served as pastor.  The preaching service was limited to the third Sunday of each month.  The church had forty-eight members at that time. 


In 1917 Rev. Z.E. Brooks served as pastor and the church membership had grown to sixty-six.  From 1918 to 1921 Rev. P.P. Locklear served as pastor.  Church membership had declined to fifty-seven members.  Eli Chavis  served as church clerk in 1921.  The first recorded church treasurer was L.W. Jacobs in 1924.  At that time, Rev. G.L. Locklear was the pastor.  By 1929, church membership had grown tremendously to 151.  During this period, K.H. Jones served as church superintendent; Emory Hunt served as treasurer and P.P. Locklear was church pastor.  In 1931 Eli Chavis filled the superintendent’s role and Rev. P.P. Locklear was the pastor.  Oral tradition places Rev.Barve Jacobs as pastor in 1934  and Rev. Zimmie Chavis as the pastor prior to the 1940’s.


The first church building was torn down.  Deacons Eli Chavis, Lucien Hunt, Luther Hunt, Bud Godwin and G.H. Locklear, under the leadership of Pastor Godwin Hunt, constructed the second wooden one room structure before 1941.  Oral tradition also reveals that these godly men sacrificed much and had to walk many miles to participate in the construction of the church. As the church continued to grow there was need for additional space.  The church added four classrooms to the back of the church.  Indoor bathroom facilities were never added to the old church.


In conference on March 17, 1962 a motion passed that the church begin prayer meetings on Wednesday nights.  The conference selected M.L. Jacobs, Willie Lowery, and Raeford Lowery as building committee members.  They were to explore the possibility of constructing a new church or renovating the existing facility.  It was reported in conference that someone was willing to donate $1,000 to build a new church, but would not support renovations to the old one.  On June 23 of the same year, Rev. Maynor was released as pastor because of health problems. 


In 1967 the church voted in conference to build a new facility.  In 1969, the church conference selected M.L. Jacobs to investigate purchasing land for a new church.  Members of the building committee were Lynwood Locklear, J. Marvin Hunt, Woodrow Locklear, S.H. Bolin , and Raeford Lowery.  In August, Mt. Moriah called the Rev. Glassie Locklear full time pastor with preaching on the second and fourth Sundays.  The church voted later to extend preaching to three Sundays.  Rev. Locklear was given one Sunday off per month.


On April 6, 1970 Mt. Moriah received a deed for 2.83 acres of land from I.E. and Phyllis Weinstein.  Trustees were Martin Luther Jacobs, G.H. Locklear, Willie Lowery, Quinn Godwin, and Woodrow Locklear.  The trustees paid the sum of $2000 and exchanged the one-acre of land where the old church sat for the new acreage.  Shortly after that, the church held groundbreaking ceremonies.  Tommie Jacobs, John Hardin and Furman Brewer were added to the building committee and construction of the new church began under the direction of John Hardin.  With the added responsibility of building a church Mt. Moriah concluded that there was need for additional deacons.  On March 26, 1971, the church ordained John Hardin and Samuel Jacobs.  Later, Furman Brewer was also ordained.


On January 3, 1972, Mt. Moriah held it’s first services in the new church.  To preserve part of the old church, the bell that was taken from the old steeple and installed in the new church signaled the members to worship.  The approximate cost of the sanctuary and classrooms was $50,000.  The only outstanding debt at that time was for the heating/air condition units and for the pews.


Mt. Moriah had dedication services for the new church under the direction of Rev. Glassie Locklear.  Guest minister for the service was Rev. Archie Lockee with special music by Mahalia Jacobs, Union Baptist Choir, Bethel Hill Choir and Ten Mile Baptist Church.


In 1978 Mt. Moriah continued it’s building program.  Deacon John Hardin was chosen to oversee the building of a fellowship hall. The project continued through the early 1980’s  The fellowship hall was built at an approximate cost of $20,000.  Volunteers of the church did much of the construction with money raised through various church projects.


While the 1970’s seemed to be a time of conflict and growth, the 1980’s brought a period of stability under the leadership Rev. William Griffin.  The church consistently selected the same officers from 1980 though 1989 with the exception of the clerk.  Lynwood Locklear served as clerk in 1983 and Randall Smith served from 1984-89.  Mt. Moriah gave Carlos Oxendine his license to preach in November of 1980 and ordained as deacons Vickey Wilkins, Billy R. Graham and Burnice Blackburn on July 3, 1983.  Mt. Moriah also continued to make improvements to its facilities.  New carpet and windows were installed in the sanctuary.  The driveway was paved around the church and new heating/air condition units were installed. It increased its support to the Burnt Swamp Association and it’s mission projects.  Carlos Oxendine went with a group from the Association to build a church in South Dakota.  Mt. Moriah on two separate occasions passed in conference to send money to Burnt Swamp for their new building projects.  Also, many of Mt. Moriah’s members donated time to assist Elizabeth Heights while building a new church.


During the conference of January 1993, the pastoral committee recommended Rev. Manford Locklear (wife, Mindy) to serve as interim pastor.  Rev. Manford assumed his duties immediately and was recommended to serve as full time pastor in April of the same year.


In December of 1995, the conference decided to set aside all moneys collected on each second Sunday to build a new kitchen and renovate the fellowship hall.  The church requested that John Hardin head up the project.  He presented a blue print of the new kitchen to the church in March of 1996.  The plan was accepted and construction of the new kitchen began shortly afterward.  The project continued through February 1999.  Robert Lowery was instrumental in getting renovations completed.  The approximate cost of the remodeling project was $30,000.


It was in 1997 that the church began to explore the possibility of land for a cemetery.  Robert Lowery was chosen to investigate and bring a report back to the church.  Later on, Rev. Locklear, the deacons and Robert Lowery met with David Stephens to discuss purchasing land from him.  In May of 1998 Mt. Moriah received a deed for two acres of land donated by David Stephens.  The plan was approved by the county commissioners and planning board in August.


During the 1990’s Mt. Moriah placed more emphasis upon missions.  The church increased it’s giving to the Burnt Swamp and Baptist State Convention.  The church has for the last several years had a penny drive to raise funds for Vacation Bible School.  It has also designated specific amounts for world hunger and other local and state relief  efforts.  Mt. Moriah sponsored Felicia Scott as New Life Camp where she served as camp counselor.  In addition, the church has been generous in its support of the Gideon’s International.  Mt. Moriah has also supported several local mission trips of Felecia Scott and Sarah Griffin, Rev. William Griffin daughter, and Ms. Tessie Hunt.  During the summer of 1998, Lynwood & Pam Locklear, Keith Scott, Anthony Carter, Martha Locklear and Linda McGirt went on a mission trip to Maine.  Plans are underway for another trip during the summer of 1999.  Mt. Moriah has approved $1,000 for the expenses of the participants.  The church has just recently extended its outreach to the community by preparing Christmas dinner for those needing assistance.


Mt. Moriah has completed all major building projects and church improvements.  The only outstanding project is the preparation of the cemetery that will be completed as soon as possible.  Mt. Moriah’s mission for the new millennium is to provide:

·         opportunities for church members to be trained in Christian theology

·         equipping of members for ministry

·         supporting the work of the association

·         ministry to those in need

·         proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ

·         seeking the salvation of family members community members and people around the world through witnessing, giving, service and prayer.


The goal of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church along with deacons Woodrow Locklear John Hardin, Vickey Wilkins, Billy R. Graham, Bernice Blackburn and Rev. Manford Locklear is to “Press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:14.


Mt. Moriah Pastors


Rev. E.D. Hunt                                     1901                       Rev. Winfred Locklear                       1957

Rev. Z.E. Brooks                                 1917                       Rev. L.A. Maynor                               1961

Rev. G.L. Locklear                              1924                       Rev. Elias Rogers                 1963

Rev. P.P. Locklear                               1929                       Rev. A.A. Lockee                                1965

Rev. Barce Jacobs                               1934                       Rev. Glassie Locklear Sr.                   1968

Rev. Zimmie Chavis                           1940                       Rev. Harvie Brewington                     1975

Rev. Godwin Hunt                              1941                       Rev. Ted Brooks                                  1978

Rev. Tommy Swett                             1943                       Rev. William Griffin                            1980

Rev. C.E. Locklear                              1947                       Rev. Manford Locklear                     1993-current

Mount Moriah Baptist Church

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Rev. Manford Locklear

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

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