On Sunday, September 21, 1924, a great awakening occurred in a small Indian community in Hoke County.  This was the day the Lord had made to give birth to a new church that would be known as Mt. Elim Missionary Baptist Church.


Unlike its neighboring county of Robeson, Hoke had a smaller population of Native Americans than Whites and Blacks.  Hoke Indians, however, had been in close contact with their native brothers in Robeson and other counties in eastern North Carolina.  Many had crossed county lines to marry, find employment, attend schools, and attend churches in the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association.


Burnt Swamp Association was organized in 1881 when three Indian churches in Robeson County (Burnt Swamp, Reedy Branch, and Magnolia) officially organized themselves to cooperate in mission causes.  Through the following years, many of these same church leaders and pastors shared the gospel with friends and families in Hoke County.  Others chose to relocate their families to Hoke where roots would develop for future generations.


As a result, in the early 1900’s Hoke Native Americans began to assemble themselves for worship in various places.  Some met in homes, tobacco pack-houses, or a school building while others gathered under brush arbors in quiet, peaceful areas.  One small group met near the Hodgin’s Pond community at the Jacobs Point Indian School on the current Goose Pond Road located about 2 miles south of the Antioch Community and NC 211.  At that time it was the only county school that Hoke County Indians could attend.

Like other Indian people of eastern North Carolina during those early century years, the Hoke county children could not attend the schools established in North Carolina for the White race.   Indian children were denied educational opportunities except through tutors or home teaching until small Indian schools were erected through Indian concern and labor.  Jacobs Point was one of those schools whose teachers traveled daily from Robeson County to instruct children and adults in the fundamentals of education.


In addition to schooling, these facilities also provided good locations for worship and spiritual fellowship.  Ministers also traveled long distances to meet with those who gathered during non-school hours to sing, pray, and hear exhortation of the Word.  Such men included Rev. Z. R. Chavis and Rev. L.A. Maynor who walked several miles to preach and be entertained in the homes of Indian families after services.  Sometimes they remained all night before setting out the next day to return home. 


In September 21, 1924,  Burnt Swamp Association  ministers met with the Indian worshippers at Jacobs Point to organize the first Native American Baptist Church in Hoke County.  Those who assembled themselves included the following men and women:

            Males                                                   Females   

            James Locklear                                    Stretie Oxendine

            Acy Cummings,                                  Rittie Kellieham

            Sheppard Cummings                           Pattie Oxendine

            R.L. Oxendine                                                Leiler Chavis

            E.L. Oxendine                                                Maletttie Cummings

            Charlie Oxendine                                Bethanie Oxendine

            W.H. Kellieham                                  Analiza Chavis

            Charlie Jacobs                                     Sallie Tyler

            Bruce Oxendine

            G.L. Oxendine

            L.L. Oxendine


The new church called upon Rev. L.A. Maynor to be its pastor and elected Acy Cummings as its chairman of deacons.  Other deacons were Bruce Oxendine and Charlie Oxendine.   At the request of James Locklear, the name, Mt. Elim Missionary Baptist Church, was chosen to identify the new congregation.


The years that followed provided many opportunities for evangelizing neighboring communities and strengthening the church.  Following is a recollection of the labors and their fruits over the years since the church’s beginning.


1924-1935 Under Reverend L.A. Maynor as Pastor


Rev. Maynor was a relatively short and thin man in physical stature and was described by many as a warm and spiritual preacher who taught sound doctrine.  His ministry to the original nineteen members soon reached others who came to know the Lord.  The one-room Jacobs Point School had little heat, but when the power of God was present, it seemed that fire from heaven came down to warm every trembling soul. 


The congregation continued to meet at Jacobs Point until 1936 when a new school was built about 2 miles north on the site where Mt. Elim Church currently stands.  Services were held in the new school until 1941 when the church built its first facility.


1935-1965 Under Reverend Chesley Maynor as Pastor


In 1935 Mt. Elim called Rev. Chesley Maynor as pastor, the blood-brother of Rev. L.A. Maynor.  Spiritual fire that had been ignited during the early years seemed to burn with greater intensity as the new pastor stepped into leadership.  It is reported that many new converts were added to the church.


It was during his leadership that the church moved out of the Jacobs Point school.  Several options were discussed with the final decision being to build the church on the same hill beside the school.  Funds were collected, material and labor donated, and construction began in 1940 on land just a few feet away from the present church sanctuary.  It was a marvelous day a few months later in 1941 when the first service was held in the new building.  Joy must have shined on the faces of those in attendance and love must have filled the hearts of those church forefathers who knelt that first day at their first altar in the new church.


A few years later, Mt. Elim needed additional space for Sunday School activities (known in earlier times as a Sabbath School).  During 1961 and 1962, four new classrooms were added along with the installation of indoor restroom facilities. The church property had expanded to include approximately four acres of land.  The old bell in the church tower would sound the theme each Sunday morning to those who passed by with a message from the Lord to “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.   Let not your hearts be troubled...”


1965-1975 Under Reverend King Maynor as Pastor


One of the children who would come to church on Sundays from Robeson County with his pastor father was young King Maynor.  Only the Heavenly Father knew that this boy who listened earnestly to his father’s bold preaching would himself be called into the gospel ministry and would follow his father into Mt. Elim’s pulpit. 


In 1965 Mt. Elim called and ordained Reverend King Maynor to pastor the flock.  Well disciplined by his father to read the Word and preach it with power, Reverend Maynor led the church with courage.  One of his deep convictions was in the area of giving.  Through his leadership the church emphasized the tithing program and began to participate actively in association activities.  His own involvement encouraged church members to participate in new programs.  As a result of growth, the church again saw the need to improve its facilities.


Therefore, a remodeling program initiated in 1969 was completed in 1972 and totally renovated the church facilities adding a new Fellowship Hall.  Additional land was purchased to bring the total church property to 21 acres.  The sanctuary was considered one of the most beautiful in the area.  Great foresight was exhibited during those years by church leaders for future growth.  It was a vision from which the church now prospers.


1975-91 Under Reverend John David Hunt as Pastor


God’s plan was to bring an end to the Maynor leadership with the call of the Reverend David Hunt to Mt. Elim in 1975.  Reverend Hunt was the youngest pastor to take the helm. He brought with him a powerful message and a popular personality.  For sixteen years he moved the church forward and established himself deeply into the hearts of the people.  Many souls were added to the flock and more expansions to the growing church.


Among the improvements and expansions were the addition of four classrooms and a restroom onto the Fellowship Hall.  Also, the recreation field across the road from the church facilities was developed along with a new cemetery named Mt. Elim Memorial Gardens.  The original one-room fellowship hall was remodeled and an outdoor cooking area (also known as the Boy Scout Hut) was added.  Walls in the wings of the sanctuary were removed for better viewing, and a beautifully designed baptistry with a skylight was completed.  Additional land purchases increased church property to 25 acres.


Reverend Hunt’s ministry at Mt. Elim brought many exciting times with the Lord through His gifted preaching, praying, and singing abilities.  His was the second full time ministry of the church following that of Reverend King Maynor.


1991 - Present  Under Reverend Tony E. Brewington as Pastor


Following sixteen years as Director of Missions in the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association, in November of 1991 Reverend Tony Brewington was called as the fifth pastor of Mt. Elim.  His ministry was bi-vocational with daytime responsibilities at Robeson Community College.  Reverend Brewington introduced to the church a new era and fresh approach to church leadership.  Gifted in organizational planning and program implementation, he has led the church to explore new and exciting areas of ministries.   One of the most fruitful approaches has been emphasis upon family ministry.  The church built a new educational building, amphitheater, and spacious 9,800 square feet Family Life Center;  expanded seating in the sanctuary; purchased an MCI bus and mobile home for the custodian, and extended its property to 35 acres of land.  A full-time custodian carefully cares for the expanding church property. 


The church became incorporated in 1999 and provides day care services to the community through a lease agreement with Mr. Elim Enterprises Inc.  Future visions include a home for senior citizens and Christian school.  Above and beyond the buildings, programs, and land expansions, Mt. Elim members have experienced the joy of reaching the lost for Christ.  Emphasis is upon conservative Bible interpretation and teaching.  Rescuing the perishing from an approaching hell is the task of every born-again believer.  Spending eternity with a Heavenly Father and a Precious Savior is our goal.  

Mount Elim Baptist Church

521 Wilson Rd.

Red Springs, NC 28377

Rev. Chris Webb

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-843-3139