Becoming dissatisfied with
their Methodist affiliation and having a burning desire to do that which the
Lord would have them do, a small group of believers withdrew fellowship with
New Prospect Methodist Church to establish an independent congregation.  The group met first in an abandoned school
facility and for a while in a tent.  The
church met as an independent church for some eight months and in 1955 was
advised to apply for membership with the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association. The
new church (to be known as Island Grove Church) was organized in 1954 with
assistance from a committee from the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association. The
group, consisting of forty-one members, gathered in the Old Hickory Ben School
(an old abandoned black school) to organize a new church. The meeting proceeded
as follows:


After song and praise
service Rev. Sanford Locklear read Hebrews 12: 2-8 verses.  Rev. L.W. Jacobs spoke on the steps essential
to organizing a Missionary Baptist church. 
A motion was carried that the essentials of the Baptist doctrine be
adopted.  The doors of the church were
opened.  Nineteen men and twenty-two
sisters were joined as charter members by motion of the body.  Rev. Isaiah Locklear was called as pastor and
an ordination service was set for the fourth Sunday evening. Bro. Jimmy Bryant,
Roy Locklear, Elias Jones, Willard Strickland and Willie P. Bryant were elected
as deacons.


May 22, 1955 was the
ordination service.  The following names
reflect an accurate accounting of the charter membership of Island Grove
Baptist Church even though only Forty-one members actually signed the
declaration to follow Baptist principles.

Charter Members  

Mr. and Mrs. Briscoe
Locklear gave an acre of land to the believers on which to build their new
church building.  Another acre of land
was later purchased from Mr. Billy Britt. 
The church received the name of Island Grove from one of its charter
members, Mrs. Lillie Bullard.  The first
song was “Bless Be The Tie That Binds” and was led by Rev. Isaiah Locklear’s


The new church facility was
built in November 1954.  Classrooms were
added in 1955 and later, through efforts of the WMU, a fellowship hall was
constructed.  In 1971 an extensive
building program began with the brick veneer siding of the wooden
building.  A two-story structure was
erected on the rear of the existing facility adding several classrooms,
restrooms, storage space, and an enlarged fellowship hall with a fully equipped
kitchen.  Member of the church did much
of the repair.  A few years later an
additional four acres of land was purchased from the McManus family of Red
Springs for the purpose of developing the Island Grove Memorial Cemetery.  In the spring of 1982 an additional area was
bought from Mr. Tom Goins for a new parking lot.


In 1987 a new heating system
was installed and the parking lot paved for $25,000.  A new billboard sign was erected in front of
the sanctuary.  In 1994 the fellowship
hall was expanded and the kitchen redesigned. 
New stained glass windows were installed in 1998 and a new steeple,
designed by Rev. Harvey Brewington, was erected.


Over the years Island Grove
has participated in many mission projects sponsored by the Burnt Swamp
Association and convention programs for training and inspiration.


Good pastoral leadership has
been a key to the success of ministries through Island Grove.  Rev. Isaiah Locklear, considered founding
father of the church, served on as part-time pastor until 1961.  At that time the Rev. James E. Hammonds was
chosen to be Island Grove’s full-time pastor until he retired in 1967 due to
illness.  Rev. Coolidge Cummings
succeeded Rev. Hammonds in the same year. In 1986 Rev. Larry Locklear was called
as pastor and has provided able, stimulating and visionary leadership until the
present.  Following is a list of pastor,
their wives, and dates of service as well as other information about some key





First Teachers

Zedan Bullard, Emma L.
Collins, Ella R. Locklear, Rosette Locklear, Rev. Isaiah Locklear, Ella M.
Oxendine, Estelle Oxendine, Willard Strickland



Name                                                  Years
of Service

Bryant, Jimmy                                     1955,

Bryant Willie P                                   May 21, 1955

Chavis, Wilson                                    1981 to

Chavis, Zack                                       transferred
membership to Friendship Baptist.

Collins, James H                                 1997 to present

Collins, Robert                                    deceased

Collins, Travis                                     April 1993
to present

Clark, Ronald                                      Resigned
in February 1990

Hunt, Harold                                       Resigned
to pastor Gray Pond Baptist

Lloyd, George                                     1981-1992

Locklear, Baker                                   1987 to

Locklear, Curtis                                  1992 to

Locklear, James
L                               transferred
to Friendship Baptist

Locklear, Monroe                                Resigned as
active deacon November 1990

Locklear, Robert                                 Transferred to
Friendship Baptist

Lowery, Jerry                                      July 1990,
active deacon chairman

Revels, Deese                                      1994-1996,

Willard                              1955
to present

Woriax, Frank                                     Transferred
to Friendship Baptist



1954                            Ander Revels

1954 - 64                     Jimmy Bryant

1966 - 75                     Jimmy Bryant

1976 - 81                     William C. Chavis (Mr. Can)

1981 - 85                     James Worriax

1989 - 91                     Jack Clark

1992 - 94                     Christopher Locklear

1994 - Present             Randy Jones



1955 - 59                     Jimmy Bryant

1960                            Elias Jones

1961                            Willie P. Bryant

1962 - 65                     Elias Jones

1967 - 82                     William C. Chavis

1983 - Present             James H. Collins


Church Trustees

1971 - 73         Baker Locklear, Willard Strickland,
G.W. Worriax, Lousie Jones

1981 - 82         Robert Locklear, Earl H. Strickland,
James L. Locklear, Howard Jones,                              James
H. Collins

1986 - 88         Guy Jones, James L. Locklear, James H.

1988 - 90         Guy Jones, Les Norman, James H. Collins

1991 - 93         Lacy Epps, Les Norman Locklear, Aubrey

                                    Gary Thompson (Alternate)

1993 - 94         Aubrey Bullard, Lacy Epps, Gary
Thompson, Larry Collins (Alternate)

1995 - 96         Albert Locklear, Gary Thompson, Larry

                        Roscoe Locklear (Alternate)



1954                            Ola Goins

                                    Willie P.

1981 - 82                     Delores Jean McGirt

1984 - 94                     Christina Matchett

1994 - 97                     Mitz Jacobs     

1997 - Present             Sampson, Shelia


Church Clerk:

1955                            Willie P. Bryant

1957 - 58                     Jimmy Bryant

1959 - 58                     Willie P. Bryant

1964 - 65                     William C. Chavis

1969 - 70                     Harold B. Locklear

1970 - 71                     Willie P. Bryant

1972 - 75                     Harold B. Locklear

1976 - 81                     Harold Hunt

1982 - 85                     Denise Jones

1985 - Present             Lanette Locklear


Church Historian

1970 - 71                     Willie P. Bryant

1972 - 77                     Dora Lee Chavis

1978 - Present             Normie Bullard


Ordained By Island Grove


Ministers Ordained by Island


Bullard, Daniel P                  Locklear, Nash

Chavis, Grady                      Locklear, James

Hunt, Christopher                Maynor, Charlie

Hunt, Harold                        Thompson, Gary

Locklear, Bobby D              Worriax, G.W.

Locklear Charle P


Island Grove Baptist Church

6045 Hwy 710 N

Pembroke, NC 28372

Rev. Larry Locklear

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-521-9470