Elizabeth Heights Baptist Church was established in 1951. The late Brother James (Jim) and Sister Charlotte Locklear donated the land for the first building located across the street east of the present building.  Their two sons, Edward and Hoe Locklear along with Hubert Brooks, laid the foundation for the building.  They were also involved in the total construction until the original building was completed.  The wife of Hubert Brooks, Sister Mary Brooks, is the only surviving charter member of the church.


According to church records, from 1951 to 1965, the church was not in any specific organization or association.  However, in the spring of 1965, the church petitioned the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association for membership.  At the annual meeting on Friday, October 14, 1966, the church was given full fellowship into the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association.  The pastor, Rev. N. R. Morgan, and Brother Edward Locklear, deacon chairman, received the right hand of fellowship welcoming the church with a membership of thirty-six into the association.  As a member of the association the church began to grow.  By 1970, the membership had increased to forty-eight, and the Sunday School enrollment had grown from ninety-seven, with an average attendance of sixty-two, to one hundred twenty-one with an average attendance of eighty.  That same year the Vacation Bible School enrollment reached a record of one hundred twenty-three enrollees. 


The Church’s growth maintained a status quo during the 1970’s, but began to decline in the early 1980’s.  However, in 1989, Elizabeth Heights opened her doors to several new members under the pastorship of Rev. Horace Oxendine.  The Church has continued to grow since that time with the exception of a short period in 1995.  The Church is experiencing good growth in all areas under the pastorship of Rev. Ricky Burnette who came in 1997.  The church now has a Sunday School enrollment of one hundred forty-nine with an average of ninety-two and a total membership of eighty-two.


When Elizabeth Heights was accepted into the Burnt Swamp Association, even though small in number, the church became active in the mission program with a very active group of WMU Baptist Women and Acteens.  Sister Mabel Revels directed the Elizabeth Heights Acteens and the Association Acteens from 1970 through 1977.  Sister Revels also was the first Acteens’ Director for the Burnt Swamp Association after the state reorganization of the WMU youth program in 1970.  The Baptist Women’s group has maintained active membership throughout the years and sponsors a monthly first Sunday night singing.  The church now also has a strong Brotherhood program that sponsors a monthly third Sunday night worship service.


As the church grew during the pastorship of Rev. N. R. Morgan, additional classrooms were added along with renovations to the pulpit, restroom and purchase of new church furniture.  In 1971, it was discovered that the land where the present building stands was for sale.  The church members agreed to appoint a committee of the following:  Brother Jiles Jacobs, Rev. Romey Revels, Brother Odell Morgan, Brother Alford Tyler, and Rex. N.R. Morgan to pursue the purchase of the property for the future expansion of Elizabeth Heights Baptist Church.  The financial transactions were completed and, with the church’s approval, the land was purchased for a price of twelve thousand dollars.


In the fall of 1986 the foundation was laid and actual construction began in the spring of 1987.  The majority of the labor and various materials were donated.  It seemed that God opened the hearts of the people who gave their time, money, materials and prayers to forward the construction of the building.  The building was completed and the first service was held in the church on July 1, 1990. 


Church Pastors

Pastor                                     Dates of Service                                 Wife

** Rev. Rosevelt Cox                         1951                            unknown

**Rev. Roland Hunt                           1952                            Irene Hunt

Rev.  Hubert Henderson                     1953-1957                   Mary Henderson

Rev. James Bell                                   1957-1958                   Bertha Bell

Rev.  Bill Lowery                               1959-1960                   Lillie Mae Lowery

Rev.  Berl Locklear                             1960-1964                   Mary Locklear

Rev.  Numer Morgan                          1964-1974                   Lizzie Morgan

Rev.  King Maynor                             1976-1977                   Eunice Maynor

Rev.  Douglas (Jake) Mitchell             1982                            Fanni Mitchell

Rev.  Graylin Mitchell                                    1983-1985                   Patty Mitchell

Rev.  Jimmy Hunt                               1986-1987                   Rose H. Hunt

Rev.  Horace Oxendine                      1989-1993                   Dovie Oxendine

Rev.  James Dial                                 1994-1995                   Inez Dial

Rev.  Ricky Burnette                          1997- Current              Paula Burnette



Church Deacons

Brother Edward Locklear                   1951-1974, Chairman

Brother Clennie Jones                         1951-1976

Brother  Hubert Brooks Sr.                 1951- unknown

Brother  Neil Archie Jones                  1964-1980

Brother Carlee Morgan                       1976-1981

Brother Daniel Strickland                   1988-1992, Chairman

Brother F. M. Hunt                             1988-1990, 1998- Current

Brother Arnold Strickland                  1988-1990

Brother Hubert Brooks Jr.                  1997- Current

Brother Jeffery Hunt                          1997- Current


Sunday School Directors


Brother Edward Locklear                   1966-1972

Brother  Henry H. Allen                     1972-1974

Brother Willie McGee                         1975-1977

Brother Carlee Morgan                       1978-1981

Brother Ervin Hammonds                   1981-1982

Brother William Knight                      1983-1986

Brother Jeffery Huny                          1987, 1998-Current

Brother Claude Strickland                  1988-1991

Brother Hubert Brooks                       1992-1997


Church Clerks

Brother Odell Morgan                                    1951-1972

Brother Willie McGee                         1972-1973

Brother Henry H. Allen                      1974, 1976-1977

Sister Mabel H. Revels                       1975, 1978-1980, 1993- Current

Sister Evelyn Knight                           1981-1984

Sister Sally Brooks                              1985




Elizabeth Heights Baptist Church

2315 Collins St.

Lumberton, NC 28358

Rev. Ricky Burnette

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-738-5487