Dundarrach Baptist Church, located in northern Hoke County in the community of Dundarrach, was organized in 1973 after years of mission work provided through associational interest and leadership in that area. In 1960 the association voted at the request and encouragement of the association missionary, Rev. Dawley Maynor, to begin mission work in the Dundarrach area.  A bus was purchased by the association to be used for the purpose of transporting un-churched Indians in the area to a site approximately two miles south of the community of Dundarrach.  The association also sent out the appeal to established association churches to provide leadership for the new, much needed ministry.


Responding to the call for volunteer work, members of Bear Swamp Baptist Church responded warmly and eagerly to the challenge.  Among those giving time and leadership to build the new ministry included Mr. Peter Dial Sr., Miss Margaret Locklear, Miss Elizabeth Locklear, Mr. Warnell Jacobs, and Mr. Proctor Locklear.


In addition to these lay workers, Miss Anna Mae Locklear, a pioneer WMU leader and VBS worker in the association, played a significant role in the development and growth of the mission.  A small rectangular facility was constructed on an acre of land with classrooms on each end and an assemble room in the center.  Rev. Herbert H. Chavis was employed to work through assistance from the association and state convention as a part-time pastor.  After some growth, he resigned and Rev. L.B (Led Better) Jacobs was called as pastor.  Rev. Jacobs led the mission in beginning construction of a sanctuary.  Fund raising provided for new construction.  In 1973, the association determined the mission ready for organization as a church.  The deed for the property, which had been held in trust by the association, was given to the new church.


Upon the call of Rev. Dalton Brooks in 1977, the sanctuary was completed providing a spacious worship facility with raised floor and comfortable pews.  Along with the very skilled and committed leadership of Rev. and Mrs. Brooks, the loyal and determined work of Mr. Peter Dial and his family and that of Mr. Proctor Locklear provided the needed stability for the church to grow through the years.  In 1986 the church borrowed $20,000 through the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.  A beautiful fellowship hall was constructed as an extension onto the church.  


The association minutes of 1999 indicate Dundarrach has a congregation of fifty members with one hundred enrolled in Sunday School.  Total receipts for the church was $37,858.00.  The chairman of deacons is Bro. Proctor Locklear and the Sunday School Director is Bro. Samuel Locklear.  Bro. Ronald Maynor serves as treasurer and Sister Angie Hammonds leads the WMU activities.  Sister Linda R. Jones is the church clerk.

Dundarrach Baptist Church

375 Hall Rd.

Shannon, NC 28386

Rev. Shelley Dial

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-875-4832