It was in the latter part of the 1800's that a Mr. A. K. McLean gave approximately 1 and 1/2 acres of land to a group of the Methodist doctrine to establish a church.  Upon this property a long building was erected and became known as the Old Bethel Methodist Church.  It is said that those who worshipped there included persons of three races:  Indian, Black, and White.  The minister was a White circuit rider who traveled from Wilmington through this region on this four-legged mobile unit caring the spiritual needs of several Methodist groups scattered along the southeastern coastal area of North Carolina.


As a result of an internal struggle, in 1902, a group separated themselves from the Old Bethel congregation and established New Bethel Methodist Church.  Old Bethel became known as "Ashpole" but also carried the nickname "Dogwood".  On the site a school building was constructed which provided a training center for Indians and was used as headquarters for an organization known as the "Red Man's Meeting".  Several ministers led the Ashpole congregation including among the earliest, Rev. Mahoney Locklear, Rev. George Dewey Locklear, and Rev. Zack Jacobs.


Gradually, Baptist influence began to make its mark upon this group and in 1951 Mr. Allen A. Hunt purchased land and led a splinter group to establish Dogwood Baptist Church.  The first building of this congregation was constructed and completed by 1952 with the Rev. N. R. Morgan serving as the first official pastor.  Mr. M.D. Freeman, Mr. S.P. Locklear, and Mr. James (Jack) Hunt of Elrod served as the first deacons. 


Other ministers working with this congregation over the years have included the Rev. R. W. Maynor, Rev. Z.A. Chavis, Rev. L. B. Jacobs, Rev. Vester Oxendine, Rev. Winfred Locklear, Rev. L.A. Maynor, Rev. Bradford Locklear, and Rev. James D. Dial.


In recent years many interesting things have been happening among this group.  A bold program of renovation has replaced worn and decayed floors with a new concrete carpeted floor, new windows and lights in the sanctuary, four enlarged classrooms, and a Pastor's study.  In addition, a large fellowship hall has been constructed providing needed educational spaces as well as a facility for social gatherings.


After Rev. James D. Dial’s ministry, Rev. Chesley Hammonds pastored the church until his retirement, after which Rev. King Maynor worked with the church part-time.  In 1980 the church called Rev. Bobby Burns as full time pastor who is still serves to present date.


The following have served as Sunday School Directors of Dogwood Baptist Church:  Sonny Walters, Carson Paul Locklear, M.D. Freeman, and James "Jack" Hunt.  The current Superintendent is Bro. Samuel Chavis.  Church clerks have included Sis. Laney Hunt, Sis. Mozel Hunt and Sis. Gladys Locklear.  The present church clerk is Margaret H. Chavis.   M.D. Freeman and  Sally Jane Hunt have served as the treasurers.  Presently Jimmy Hunt serves as treasurer.


Dogwood Baptist Church has licensed the following ministers:  Rev. Jake Mitchell, Rev. Bradford Locklear, Rev. Kenny Mitchell, Rev. Bobby Joe Hunt, Rev. Billy Joe Hammonds, Rev. William Lambert, Rev. Terry Locklear, and Rev. James Albert Hunt.


The following ministers have also been ordained by Dogwood Baptist Church:

Rev. Jake Mitchell

Rev. James Albert Hunt

Rev. Kenny Mitchell


Dogwood Baptist Church has also participated in significant projects.  These include:

-Repairing homes of the elderly

-Providing emergency funds for needy families

-Benefit singing and dinner for medical related victims


Dogwood Baptist Church was given an organ to add to the musical collection.  This gift was presented in 1989 by a sister church in Fairmont.


One of the most significant events that have affected the life of Dogwood is the outstanding number of young people who attend our church.  With a Sunday average of 130 people, at least two thirds of the congregation is youth.  These youth are dedicated and play vital roles.  Among this young generation are six ordained ministers.  They are Rev. Billy Joe Hammonds, Rev. Terry Locklear, Rev. Bobby Joe Hunt, Rev. Kenny Mitchell, and Rev. William Lambert.  These ministers are faithful in their attendance and service to Dogwood, adding much to the power and fruits of the church.  In light of this youthful congregation, the future ministry of Dogwood is promising should the Lord tarry


Dogwood Baptist Church

520 Dogwood Church Rd.

Rowland, NC 28383

Rev. James A. Hunt

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-422-8180