In the early 1900’s, the Beaufort Lumber Company came to Fairmont, NC.  It influenced many Native American workers to move into this area.  During this time, there was not a Native American Church in Fairmont.  Having to travel several miles to worship, after a period of time the people decided to organize a local Native American church.  Initially, they started having church in the Fairmont Indian School until they could build a church of their own.


The land for Cedar Grove Baptist Church was purchased in 1930.  The foundation was laid and bricks purchased.  Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the church members could not afford to build, as they desired at that time.  Instead, they decided to build a wooden building to worship and fellowship in.  Eighteen years later, the long-awaited Cedar Grove Baptist Church was built.  It would become one of the first brick churches in the Burnt Swamp Association.  Preacher Roy Maynor, pastor and builder by trade, spearheaded the construction.  His generosity and talent for raising money contributed to fulfillment of a dream. The church was constructed on property located on 408 South Morro Street in Fairmont where it remains until this day.


Many great Native American leaders in Robeson County have been born and nurtured through Cedar Grove Baptist Church.  One example is Ms. Sally Johnson Brooks who was among the first Native Americans to attend UNC-Chapel Hill to study college courses.  She had always wanted to be a Librarian.  She told her school principal, a former math teacher at UNC Chapel Hill, of her ambitions.  He arranged for her to take a twelve-week course there in the summer.  She continued her studies and enlisted the help of Ms. Mary Davis of Raleigh to help her establish the school’s first academic library.  They began with five hundred books.  In 1927-28, she became the first librarian of what is now UNC-Pembroke.  A second example is Dr. Cheryl R. Locklear, a dentist and the former first Miss Lumbee for Robeson County.  She has become an excellent role model for our young Lumbee people and practices her trade in Red Springs, NC.  These are only two of the many distinguished members this church has produced.




David Brewington                              Clarence Locklear

Harvey L. Brewington                                    Sanford Locklear

Harvey E. Brewington                                    Welton Lowry

E.     Ray Brooks                                   King Maynor

Wolfhealy Bullard                              Roy Maynor

James Dial                                           Terry McNeill

William Griffin                                               Gary Revels

Chesley Hammonds                            Bruce Swett

Clarence Locklear                               Charley Woriax


Current Pastor: Rev. James E. Jones

Cedar Grove Baptist Church

410 S. Morrow St.

Fairmont, NC 28340

Rev. Roy Locklear

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am

Phone: 910-910-628-8770