Early in the twentieth century, Indian families
began migrating to the Fayetteville- Cumberland County area from adjoining
counties, including Robeson, Harnett, and Sampson.  Many had grown up in Christian homes.  As they met other Indians in the area, it
became evident that a church was needed. 
As a result, in 1922 many began holding services in the home of Mr.
Frazier Gibbs under the name of Cape Fear Mission Point Church.  Among those early leaders were:  Mr. & Mrs. George Jacobs, Mr. & Mrs.
Ed Gibbs, Mrs. Pherbie Tyler, Mrs. Lena Jacobs, Mrs. Virginia Maynor, and Mr.
Frazier Gibbs.  The group solicited the
services of Rev. Z. R. Chavis to preach for them.  He often walked from Robeson to deliver the
Word until 1925.


As more people started attending services and they
outgrew the space available in Mr. Gibbs’ home in 1923 three-bedroom house was
rented from Mr. A. B. Carter on Cedar Creek Road.  During 1923 the church was officially
organized.  Among founding members were:






















George Jacobs



William Jacobs



Pherbie Tyler



Gertrude Jacobs



Willie F. Tyler



Sidney Gibbs



Elizabeth Jacobs



Christine Gibbs



A. A. Maynor



Tommy Jacobs



Estelle Gibbs



Fannie Gibbs



Frazier Gibbs



John Jacobs



Rody Young



Elizabeth Young



Pickney Goins



Julius Maynor



Francis Carter



Sarah Jacobs



Ed Gibbs



Sanford Brewington



Loretta Gibbs



Myrtle Jacobs



James Carter



Luther Chavis



Lena Gibbs



Jannie Oxendine



Jim Gibbs



Curby Tyler



Nannie Sealey



Isabel Jacobs



Donnie Chavis



J. F. Jones



Ella Gibbs



Nancy Groves



Henry Tyler



Larry Goins



Nettie Tyler



Ethel Groves



Leonard Tyler



J. F. Groves



Leola Carter



Bertha Groves



Charlie Groves






Roosevelt Chavis



Edna Cooper









Dora Jacobs



Florence Perkins









Gardina Goins



Mary Jane Perkins









Annie Goins



Alma Pierce









Katherleen Jacobs



Mary Pierce









Sarah Locklear



Cary Maynor









Rosie Goins



Roseanne Pierce




A two-acre track of land on Little Avenue was
purchased by the Cumberland County Board of Education from John T. Martin for
$250.00 on August 4, 1925 where Cade Hill School was built for Indian children
to attend.  The county allowed the church
to hold services in the schoolhouse.


On November 16, 1926, a one-acre lot adjacent to the
school property was purchased from Mr. Martin for $125 as a site for an Indian
church.  Several years later, the men of
the church built a 24’ X 40’single-room sanctuary.  The construction was a simple wood, “A” roof
frame, a double-door entry at front, and a single-door entry at the rear.  The sanctuary had a single stove for heat and
pews of simple-board construction, built by the men of the church.   The first Worship Service was held in the
completed sanctuary on October 26, 1935.


As church and family members passed away, they were buried
on a small piece of land off Clinton Road, owned by Mr. O. H. Alphin.  This 0.08-acre was later purchased from N. L.
Alphin, son of O. H. Alphin on March 13, 1943 for $150.00 as a church cemetery.


Conference minutes of December 25, 1926 indicate the
congregation discussed joining the Burnt Swamp Association.  However, it wasn’t until January 29, the
church was extended the right hand of fellowship by the Credentials Committee
composed of Rev. R. B. Jacobs (chairman), Rev. George Locklear (clerk), and
Rev. J. H. Hammonds.


As the number of Indian families and children grew
in the County, the Board of Education purchased property on Indian Drive from
John C. Jones and constructed Les Maxwell Elementary School, which opened for
classes in the fall of 1956.  The church
purchased a one-acre lot adjacent to the new school from Mr. Jones on November
19, 1955 for $1,650.00.  Plans for a new
sanctuary were completed in September 1958 and a ground-breaking service was
held in November.


Rev. Herbert Chavis and his crew did brickwork on
the new sanctuary.  The men of the church
did carpentry work under the supervision of Deacon Seavy A. Evans.  Construction of a 38’ X 76 ½’, with high ceiling
and balcony, sanctuary was completed in 1964. 
The first service was held on September 20.  A 39’ X 90’, two-story brick educational
department was started in March 1971 and completed for Mothers Day, 1977. The
parking lot was paved and marked in 1978. 
In 1980, an 18’ X 90’ shelter was built at the rear of the Educational Department
to allow members to exit vehicles during inclement weather.  An additional handicapped ramp was added
under the shelter in 1996.  In March 1996
a 90’ X 360’ lot adjacent to church property was purchased from Cumberland
County Board of Education for $3,000.00 as the future site of the church
fellowship hall. 


Hurricane Fran in 1996 damaged the roof of the
church and the steeple.  Water destroyed
ceiling tiles and also a Baby Grand piano. 
The church received $40,000.00 from their insurance to replace steeple,
roof, piano, ceiling tiles, and other miscellaneous items.  In 1996, a new ladies restroom was built.
Existing restrooms were renovated with the ladies being converted to a men’s
handicapped restroom.  Bro. Ransom
Locklear did work at a cost of $20,000.00. 
A new electronic controlled baptismal pool was added in 1997.  In 1998, a lighted church sign was purchased
and installed.


PASTORS                                                                                WIFE


Rev. Z. R. Chavis                     (Part
time)        1922-25           Aggie Locklear

Rev. Alvin Taylor                      (Part
time)        1925-26           Adline Hammonds

Rev. Z. R. Chavis                     (Part
time)        1926-27           Aggie Locklear

Rev. Lawrence Maynor            (Part
time)        1927-28           Mumice Locklear

Rev. George Chavis                  (Part
time)        1928-39           Lucy Dial

Rev. R. B. Jacobs                     (Part
time)        1939-45           Viola Revels

Rev. J. B. Jacobs                      (Part
time)        1945-48           Lela Jacobs

Rev. J. E. Hammonds               (Part
time)        1948-49           Marie Brewington

Rev. Coolidge Cummings          (Part time)        1949-50           Vanice Lowry

Rev. Clarence Locklear            (Part time)        1950-52           Lizzie Oxendine

Rev. Chesley Maynor               (Part
time)        1952-65           Mary Francis Locklear

Rev. Grady Cummings  (Part
time)        1965-79           Eleanor Bullard

Rev. James Dial                        (Full
time)         1980-93           Inez Lowry

Rev. Bobby D. Locklear           (Full time)         1995-Present   Margie Cummings

Cape Fear Baptist Church

100 Indian Dr.

Fayetteville, NC 28301

Rev. Bruce Swett

Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00am 

 Phone: 910-323-5556