As a result of the depression of the 1930’s and
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s resettlement act, in 1938, Native American families
began moving into Alfordsville Township. 
These families lived in existing homes until the government built new
homes on the land they had been allotted. 
At this time, the only existing church in the area was Mt. Moriah, which
was attended by a white congregation. 
For one year, the new settlers had no organized church or place to
worship.  Realizing the need for
Christian fellowship, a group began to have Sunday School in an old, abandoned
house near Mr. Robert and Lucy Oxendine’s home in the spring of 1939.  During this time, Ms. Velma Maynor conducted
the Sunday School service.  Three
delegates, Chesley Oxendine, Norman Lowry, and Barfield Rogers, were sent to
the Burnt Swamp Association during its annual meeting held at Harpers Ferry
Baptist Church on October 12 & 13, 1939 to seek admittance into the
association.  The church was given right
hand of fellowship.


In the fall of 1940, the congregation moved into a
house located ¼ of a mile north of the existing church building on what is now
Sampson Road recently vacated by the Jessie James Locklear family.  Rev. Ander Bell was called as pastor.  The congregation referred to the building as
“The Old House”.  The congregation
consisted of ten families:  Chestley
Oxendine, Robert Oxendine, Bennie Clark, Tommy Strickland, Jessie James Locklear,
Norman Locklear, John W. Locklear, Zion Lowery, Rufus  (Sonny) Rogers, and Walter Locklear. Mr. and
Mrs. P.A. Underwood, Home Missionaries employed to assist the Burnt Swamp
Association and the Indian orphanage organized meetings.  The “Old House” had three classes: men,
women, and children.  Music was played
with a tambourine and a harmonica.


A need for a more permanent church facility led to a
fund raising by the women of the church through “Box Suppers”.  Box suppers were made out of shoeboxes
fashioned in crate paper.  Inside each
box was a full meal including dessert and fruit.  The boxes were auctioned off Friday nights to
the highest bidder.  Even in depression
times,  box suppers were sometimes sold
for as much as $3.00.


In 1942 the congregation began to cut and clear
timber about ¼ a mile south of the Old House on a small corner section of John
W. Locklear’s farm.  A deed was in 1944
when the 2.332 acres were purchased for the sum of $50.00.  Bennie Clark, John W. Locklear, Norman
Locklear, Jessie James Locklear and Tommie Strickland donated additional


A German man by the name of Chris came to the
community to help build and design the church. 
He boarded with the family of Norman Locklear and was known as a “Faith
Doctor”.  Chris began the construction
with a 20’ X 40’ frame with lumber and stucco on the exterior.  The roof was layered with planks, and the
church entrance was constructed of a stone archway.  The interior walls were covered with various
colors of stucco.  After the completion
of the church, Chris built a large wooden cross with a crown over the top that
hung parallel to the ceiling in the center of the church.  Some members estimated the weight of the
cross and crown to be about 200 lbs. 


To select the name of the church, pieces of paper
were given to each member to get ideas from the congregation.  When the pieces of paper were collected the
name “Beulah Baptist” was favored by a majority.  The first church service was held on Mother’s
Day in 1942.


Dates of Renovations

1962 - A Pastor’s study, a secretary’s office and
six classrooms were constructed.

1970 – The Church structure was bricked.

1976 - Fellowship hall was completed (approximately
2,170 square feet)

1981 - An educational wing with seven classrooms was
added (approximately 2,100 square feet, brick)

1998 - Purchased 7.5 acres of land.



Rev. Ander Bell                                          (1939-42)

Rev. Tommie Swett                                    (1942-43)

Rev. C.D. Brewington                                (1944-45)

Rev. Rufus Burns                                        (1946-49)

Rev. Wade Locklear                                  (1950-51)

Rev. J.E. Hammond                                    (1952-53)

Rev. Winford Locklear                               (1954-55)

Rev. L.A. Maynor                          (1956-67, 69-71)

Rev. Davis Locklear                                   (1968)

Rev. Chasen L. Oxendine                           (1972-73)

Rev. Manford Locklear                              (1974-91)

Rev. Roger Adkins                                     (1992-Present)

Beulah Baptist Church

1942 Sampson Rd.

Rowland, NC 28383

Rev.Ronnie R. Locklear

 Sunday School 9:45am / Worship 11:00 am

 Phone: 910-521-1778